Astrology and zodiac signs go hand in hand. Even in this modern world of globalization when technology is the ultimate word, astrology still shines with its unspoilt glory. The ancient science of fate that is related to the space, astrology is one of the most talked of topics of today. Know about astrology and zodiac sign as you surf through this page.
About astrology and zodiac signs:

In astrology there are different zodiac signs according to particular dates. People born under these dates are considered to be of that particular sun sign. Each zodiac sign has a set of characteristic features that is inherited in the people falling under that group. The various astrological zodiac signs are as follows:

Western astrological zodiac sign:

The most popular astrological sign that people follow is the western astrological sun sign. It has 12 zodiac signs that represent the elements of nature. Scroll below to know about these zodiac signs that are related to astrology.

Aries Horoscope : This sign is the representative of fire. People born between the birth dates of 21st March and 20th April, falls under the sign of Aries.

Taurus Horoscope : Taurus is the sign of earth; it ranges from 21st April to 21st May.

Gemini Horoscope : This sign represents air and dates between 22nd may and 23rd June.

Cancer Horoscope : Sign of water, cancerians are born between 23rd June and 22nd July.

Leo Horoscope : Leo people are born between 23rd July and 22nd august. They represent the element of fire.

Virgo Horoscope : Born within 23rd august and 22september, Virgos have element of earth in them.

Libra Horoscope : Another sign of air, people born between 23rd September and 22nd October are known to be Libras.

Scorpio Horoscope : Scorpio is the sign of water and for those who are born between 23rd October and 22nd November.

Sagittarius Horoscope : Here is another sign of fire for those who are born on any date between 23rd November and 20 January.

Capricorn Horoscope : Sign of earth, Capricorns are born during the end of the year. Their date of birth has to range between 22december and 20 January.

Aquarius Horoscope : From 21st January to 18th February is the date for the sun sign of Aquarius. Element of air represents this sign.

Pisces Horoscope : The last zodiac sign of western astrology, Pisces is the symbol of water and ranges between 19th February and 20th March.

Chinese astrology and zodiac signs:

Chinese astrology states that there are 12 zodiac signs, but they are different from the western zodiac signs. Chinese zodiac signs are related to animals such as rat, ox, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and boar.

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